German Antipasti oder Was ist eigentlich ein Expad?

Introducion: For a long time I am thinking about, what „Expad“ actually mean, and I came to the conclusion, it must be a mix out „Exilant“ and „Ipad“. I’m right, am I?

Dear Expads,

to learn German is very hard, I know this, cause after 47 Years in Germany I did’nt speak it very well either. My english is much better than my german. Thats awfull. One way, to learn it faster & easyier is to eat the food the germans eat. It makes you thinking, feeling and loving like a Sexy German Robot. One of the dishes, I want to serve you on my blog tody is very famous and very popular. The Germans eat it for breakfast or in the afternoon beside a cup of coffee and a peace of cake. It is called, with al little smile (german smile): Bavarian Antipasti. If you ever travel to munich or stay there for a few days, go to a Hofbräuhaus and make your order like this: „One Bavarian Antipasti please, with coffee and a Schokokuchen.“ You will be surprised, how friendly you will be threatn immediately, if you show this little respect to German Kultur. Bon Appetit.



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